Mydefensa is a US based company with local partners in Central and South America. Mydefensa was born as a consulting firm with focus on information security and countering cyber vulnerabilities.

Who we are ?

Mydefensa is a cybersecurity consulting firm. We are structured to develop and nurture cyber security services from creation to development to execution.

We provide comprehensive advice, solutions and security systems in a strategic framework to mitigate risks.

We discover cyber-security vulnerabilities in government and private organizations and counter them, and then optimize the organization’s cyber-security system in order to prevent future threats.

We continually update and innovate every aspect of our cyber-security systems and services as we are well aware of global developments in the area.



Our team have found and report cyber vulnerabilities under white hat programs in top companies, including:


History of MYDEFENSA

Our advantage is the great capacity to develop widely the concept of systems Integration.

Our clients see us as strategists, utilizing technology to construct frameworks and creative approaches to deliver enduring cyber security services. They trust us for our expertise and no short-term gain could ever justify breaching that trust.

Mydefensa assembles technology and creates the strategic framework to complement your existing infrastructure with innovation and development to meet the organization’s needs. We blend proven experience with creativity to deliver the results you need, want and expect.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering advanced, highly-optimized and innovative services to counter and prevent cyber-threats and are continually updated as we are well aware of global developments in the area.


Mydefensa is committed to becoming the dominant cyber-security service provider for both government and private sectors by virtue of our unequalled quality and customer service.

Our mission is to constantly evolve, optimize and innovate our services in order to become the leader in cyber-security services.

Our priority is to understand what you need and give back what you want.

We intend to make cyber security systems smarter and efficient so that they work intuitively.


We’re pioneering new technologies and offering new solutions and we look forward to lay a foundation for the emerging technologies of tomorrow in security.

We believe that Mydefensa will become the primary means by which cyber-security systems are deployed because for us, when it comes to the web being secure, enough is never enough and there is always room for advancement so we aim to take things that work well and improve them.

We want make the web more secure by using resources and infrastructure efficiently.

We envision your organization, to reach its goals, while we prevent any cyber-infiltration.




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We have good skills in design and development of custom security solutions to help your organization work safe online.


Advanced solutions for government and intelligence agencies

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